Web3 Consulting
& NFT Architects

  • Current business analysis to determine areas of improvement Web3/Metaverse use cases. Metaverse becomes a turbo charger/solution provider.
  • Mapping of business use cases.
  • Strategic alignment with business goals.
    • Set leader objectives.
  • Create the vision for the end Web3/Metaverse Design.
  • Identify business uses for NFTs and assist in the creation of NFTs and associated Smart Contracts.
  • Set objectives and metrics to measure results.

PR & Marketing Strategy

  • Event Invitations
    • Galas
    • Summits
  • Article Features
    • Monaco Voice
    • Forbes
  • Associations and Memberships
    • Membership into MonteCrypto Club

Unity Creates Opportunity


  • MonteCrypto has direct connections to a broad network of leaders and influential decision makers. We can assist with lobbying efforts through:
    • Presentation of Letters to influential members in government to support a cause 
  • Note that all causes are vetted thoroughly. MonteCrypto will only lobby for causes that we believe in. Some examples are:
    • Leading Women in business
    • Environmental
    • Sustainability
    • Education


  • MonteCrypto invests in companies and projects and will do a full business analysis. As a venture partner, MonteCrypto will share with you ways in which to build your brand, offering many of our services at a reduced rate.



Meet The Team

Dustin Plantholt
Founder / Lead Advisor

Jeremiah Baker
Client Business Analysis
and Strategist

Jenell McLaughlin
Head of Operations /
Web3 and Metaverse Integration



Locations in U.S. and Europe.



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