Web3 Consulting
& NFT Architects

  • Current business analysis to determine areas of improvement Web3/Metaverse use cases. Metaverse becomes a turbo charger/solution provider.
  • Mapping of business use cases.
  • Strategic alignment with business goals.
    • Set leader objectives.
  • Create the vision for the end Web3/Metaverse Design.
  • Identify business uses for NFTs and assist in the creation of NFTs and associated Smart Contracts.
  • Set objectives and metrics to measure results.

PR & Marketing Strategy

  • Event Invitations
    • Galas
    • Summits
  • Article Features
    • Monaco Voice
    • Forbes
  • Associations and Memberships
    • Membership into MonteCrypto Club


  • MonteCrypto has direct connections to a broad network of leaders and influential decision makers. We can assist with lobbying efforts through:
    • Presentation of Letters to influential members in government to support a cause 
  • Note that all causes are vetted thoroughly. MonteCrypto will only lobby for causes that we believe in. Some examples are:
    • Leading Women in business
    • Environmental
    • Sustainability
    • Education


Empowering Diverse Talent for a Brighter Future and Next Mover Advantage

Are you seeking a second chance and an opportunity to transform your career with next mover advantage? MonteCrypto is thrilled to announce the launch of The Crypternship, our flagship program designed to provide valuable and exciting opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are looking for a fresh start and a chance to excel in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Program Overview: The Crypternship at MonteCrypto creates a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals who have faced challenges in their past but are determined to create a brighter future with the added advantage of being at the forefront of the next big moves in the cryptocurrency industry. We believe in providing opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and a fresh start in a fulfilling career within the exciting realm of cryptocurrencies.




MonteCrypto invests in companies and projects and will do a full business analysis. As a venture partner, MonteCrypto will share with you ways in which to build your brand, offering many of our services at a reduced rate.


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